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Science certainly has made some impressive discoveries, finding the answers to many riddles in the universe. But there is one question that science cannot answer. Before we think about that, let’s consider the situation as many atheists portray it. The God of the Bible, they say, is a myth. They sometimes call him the “God of the gaps.” When people didn’t understand what caused lightning or eclipses or fertility, they worshiped these unknown forces. But once we could understand how these forces worked, we no longer needed to believe in a God. The more we understand, the smaller this God of the gaps becomes. Now, some people say, we know enough that we don’t need to believe in such a Being anymore... Read More

Statement of Faith

The following is not intended to be an exhaustive or formal list of our major or minor beliefs. Similarly, the omission of a doctrine or topic does not imply it is considered less important than those that are included. This doctrinal statement is simply intended to provide a brief summary of some of the fundamental doctrines we teach at Sudbury Bible Fellowship because we believe the Bible presents them clearly... Read More

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